Four ways Pension Freedoms has changed retirement

The way pensions are accessed at the beginning of retirement has changed since the introduction of Pension Freedoms in 2015. The reforms mean that those aged 55 and over are less restricted in their ability to access their retirement fund. These options mean that those nearing pension age have been faced with a range of […]

Are you in a financially compatible relationship? …And does it matter?

Almost two thirds (60%) of people believe that financial compatibility is one of the most important factors in a successful relationship, according to Scottish Widows. But what is financial compatibility? Like any part of a relationship, financial compatibility is multi-faceted and will look different for every couple. However, the research states that incompatibility “includes a […]

Knowing your goals: How to plan your retirement around the things that matter to you

Research from Scottish Widows has shown that the top priorities for those planning for retirement, are generating an income (41%), and having flexibility over that money (40%). Other goals came in much lower, with the ability to pass on benefits, such as an income or lump sum, to a spouse or dependent at 10% and […]