Six reasons to write a will even if you think you have nothing worth inheriting

61% of UK adults do not have a will in place, according to Which?.  A fifth of those say they have not written a will as they have nothing worth passing on. However, a will does so much more than just pass on material and financial assets. It is also used to help let those […]

Pretirement: Why work during retirement?

‘Pretirement’ might sound like an early retirement, but it’s anything but. In fact, ‘pretirement’ is a term coined to describe the act of easing into retirement; or working beyond State Retirement Age. This could be full-time, part-time, or on a consultancy basis. Of those reaching the age of 65 in 2018, 50% will enter ‘pretirement’, […]

Minimum pension contributions rise: what do you lose by opting out?

What does £98,000 mean to you? For some, that’s the deposit on a new house, for others it’s financial security and the knowledge that they will not have to worry about their income in retirement. For young people thinking about opting out of a Workplace Pension as a result of the minimum contribution increases, it’s […]