Spring reading: ‘New Nature Writing’ and the Great British countryside

We’re now well into spring but rather than enjoying the Great British countryside, you likely find yourself cooped up indoors. With much of the country in lockdown, you might find yourself turning to the comfort of a good book. If so, why not stay engaged with the great outdoors by choosing some so-called ‘New Nature […]

There are 4 different types of ISA available. Your guide to choosing the right one for you

The Individual Savings Account (ISA) was introduced over 20 years ago and since then it’s become an essential part of many financial plans. Since the first ISA, this savings vehicle has evolved and there are four different types of ISA accounts available to open. Which one is right for you will depend on your goals. […]

Bank of England interest rate cut: What does it mean for finances?

Over the last few months, speculation that the Bank of England would increase its base interest rate has been mounting. However, the impact of Covid-19 has changed that, leading to the central bank making two cuts to the interest rate in quick succession. Coinciding with the 2020 Budget, the base rate was cut from 0.75%, […]