Budget 2020 – Winners and losers

This afternoon, Rishi Sunak has delivered the first Budget of the new Conservative government. With a large majority behind him, the theme of the Chancellor’s speech was to deliver the promises made in the party’s election manifesto or, as Sunak himself repeatedly said, to ‘get things done’. Of course, the coronavirus outbreak has significantly changed […]

Your 2020 Budget summary

After delays and the appointment of Rishi Sunak as Chancellor just weeks ago following the resignation of Sajid Javid, the Budget was finally delivered this afternoon. It’s the first to be given since the UK left the EU on 31st January 2020, with the country now in a transition period, and comes amid the coronavirus […]

7 finance books to read in 2020

Want to improve your financial knowledge in 2020? Reading these titles can help you become more financially savvy and you could pick up a few tips that will boost your own finances. But don’t worry, these aren’t dull books filled with endless jargon that you’ll have to force yourself to read; they’ll inform and entertain. […]