Stock market fluctuations: Keeping the declines in context

Stocks market declines have once again made headlines. The FTSE 100 fell for a second day on Thursday 11th October, taking its shares more than 10% below their peak in May; the definition of a market correction. Reflecting market wide turbulence, it’s understandable if the fall has prompted a sense of uneasiness where your investments […]

Have you considered the cost of care in retirement?

In the next 20 years, the number of elderly people needing constant care is expected to double. You’ve probably thought about how long your pension needs to last and whether you’re saving enough. But have you factored in the cost of care? By 2035, it’s expected there will be 446,000 adults aged over 85 that […]

Tips for planning for your future if you’re part of the ‘Sandwich Generation’

If you feel as though your finances are under pressure as you support both children and elderly parents, you’re likely to be part of the ‘Sandwich Generation’. Research has found that many of those aged between 40 and 60 are struggling with financial responsibilities. Despite being caught in the middle of two types of dependents, […]