How to create your bucket list

A bucket list should be personal, fun and help you accomplish the things you want in life. We often talk about things that are on bucket lists, whether it’s travelling to a new destination or trying your hand at something different, but have you ever written down your ideas? Putting together a bucket list can […]

Why are retirees shunning downsizing?

Figures suggest retirees are shunning downsizing. Moving to a cheaper home used to be a common way to unlock wealth tied up in property to fund retirement. However, a new trend means that over 55s are more likely to plan to remain in their current home. According to research from Nationwide: Only a third (36%) […]

How financial planning goes beyond simple calculations

When you first think of seeking financial advice, it might be the calculations that you focus on. The figures are an important part of understanding your financial situation and what you can achieve. However, it’s just a small part of what financial planning is about and where it adds value. Financial Planning Week was celebrated […]