How to take a “holiday” in your own home

After a difficult year, many people have been looking forward to getting away somewhere new to relax. But with holiday destinations facing Covid-19 challenges and new restrictions, summer holidays could be at risk again. Despite the vaccination programme rolling out and social distancing restrictions beginning to ease across the UK, prime minister Boris Johnson has […]

10 ways to keep your daily walk fresh during National Walking Month

Going out for a daily walk has become an essential part of routines over the last year. It’s helped families keep active and improve mental health during challenging lockdowns. There are plenty of reasons to get out for a walk, but if it’s something you do every day, it can lose its appeal. To celebrate […]

The cost of Covid-19: How does pandemic borrowing add up?

In 2020, the government spent an unprecedented amount supporting the economy through the Covid-19 pandemic. The economic consequences are expected to be felt for years to come and will no doubt influence policy that will affect personal finances. For the 2020/21 tax year, public sector net borrowing – the difference between public spending and total […]