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Caroline Lightbody

Caroline has been in financial services for 35 years, having worked for insurance, accountancy and advisory firms. She has been a Paraplanner for more than ten years.

Nick Lambert

Nick has been a Financial Planner at both larger corporate organisations and smaller independent firms for 21 years. His expertise lies in constructing creative retirement strategies.

Shona Barr

Having worked in financial services since 2001, Shona has a wealth of experience. Her career has spanned roles within retail banking, lending and wealth management.

Calculating your investment risk profile

The investment market has been experiencing volatility lately and it may mean you’re considering whether your current risk profile is still appropriate. All investments carry some risk but there are numerous different risk profiles to consider; what’s right for one person can be very different from another. Calculating the level of risk you can afford […]

Pension changes to be aware of for the 2019/20 tax year

As the start of a new tax year begins, it’s often a time to consider how your financial plan is shaping up and ensuring it’s still relevant for aspirations and goals. You may be thinking about how you’ll use your ISA (Individual Savings Account) allowance this year or how to make the most of investable […]

Premium Bonds: What are they and should you purchase them?

Premium Bonds have been around since 1956 but they’ve recently been in the headlines again after the technology behind the popular saving option has been revamped. But before you put your hand in your pocket, it’s crucial to understand what Premium Bonds are and how they can potentially offer you a return. Firstly, despite the […]

The cost of opting out of a Workplace Pension as minimum contributions rise

Millions more workers are now saving into a pension thanks to auto-enrolment. The retirement saving initiative saw minimum contributions rise at the start of the 2018/19 tax year. While it may be tempting to opt out in light of this, it could mean you’re hundreds of thousands of pounds worse off once you reach retirement. […]

Your guide to purchasing an Annuity

Are you thinking about purchasing an Annuity to fund your retirement lifestyle? It’s crucial to understand the product and shop around for the best deal as research suggests that many retirees could secure a better income. An Annuity is a way of creating a guaranteed income throughout retirement if you have a Defined Contribution (DC) […]

Planning for your golden years: New experiences top priorities

In the past, retirement may have been associated with slowing down and taking it easy. But that’s no longer the case. Thousands of retirees are looking forward to giving up work to enjoy an exciting pace of life and gain new experiences. With more freedom and choice than ever before, it’s becoming more important to […]